#3: Online Tool For Managing Medications

Older adults with chronic disease commonly take at least five medications daily. That’s a lot to keep track of! And it’s one reason seniors are at high risk of medication overuse, under use, and side effects.

To safeguard your loved one and minimize the hassle of medication management, check out the free Web-based tool at MyMedSchedule.com. Among its features, you can:

Create an at-a-glance chart of medications taken daily.

  • You enter the medication, dosage, and time(s) it should be taken. The program adds generic and trademark names and a color photo of the pill.
  • Print the composite chart in English or Spanish in full size, wallet size, or even large print for easy reference.
  • Learn usage guidelines for each selected medication.

Update information quickly, easily. When a prescription changes, make the change in the existing schedule and print a fresh copy. No more rewriting of lists!

Receive a reminder to take a medication. It’s easy to help Mom stay on track—from across town or across country. Have reminders automatically sent by email to your computer or by text message to your cell phone. Ask for refill reminders, too.

Access information anywhere, anytime. You can access your loved one’s medication schedule anywhere via computer. It works on some smartphones, too. No extra software is required.

Keep everyone informed. Online or in your pocket, you can readily share information. Before Dad goes to visit your sister this summer, bring her quickly up to speed. When you’re meeting a new doctor—whether in the ER or in the office—the schedule presents comprehensive information at a glance. What a convenience for travel this summer!


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